Battery A1175 The Ultimate Guide To The Apple Laptop Battery

Battery A1175 Apples Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

When looking for a new laptop battery one of the factors you have to remember is that not all laptop batteries are created equal. There is the battery type to consider, the manufacturing process and then lastly the manufacturer themselves, as let’s be honest here, not all manufacturers have the consumer’s best interest at heart when selling you products.

Battery a1175

Fortunately for you, you are already the proud owner of an apple laptop hardware product; this put’s you ahead of the game already. Apple didn’t get where they are today by producing low grade inferior products that breakdown with a gust of wind. They are where they are today due to beautiful designs and a solid manufacturing process that’s literally guaranteed to last, not to mention groundbreaking technology that appeals to the masses. And as you would expect Apple is no slouch either when producing batteries for their laptops, and in particular the laptop battery a1175.

While it’s all great and well owning a premier product, when looking for a new battery for your laptop, a better understanding of the battery you are about to purchase never goes amiss, in particular battery chemistry, and while this may not seem important, it’s actually the most important consideration when buying any laptop battery. Why I hear you ask? Well I’ll answer that for you in one word, power!

Battery A1175 Lithium Ion powered

The battery a1175 is a Lithium Ion powered battery, this puts this battery standing on the shoulders of other batteries due to the more modern chemistry technology used in its construction. To better understand why, I’ll list below the three types of laptop batteries available on the market today, and why the Lithium Ion battery used in battery a1175 is relevant to you.

  • The first type of rechargeable laptop batteries available were the Nickel Cadmium batteries or NiCD for short. These batteries are the cheaper of the three available today, and honestly for good reason. This reason being while they perform admirably when in use, that use doesn’t last very long. They simply can’t hold a charge long enough, thus the reason why they are being phased out in today’s modern laptops.
  • The second and possibly the most common laptop batteries available today are the Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, again for short (NiMH) These batteries are a vast improvement over previously mentioned NiCD They are an improvement in reliability and charge capacity, not forgetting safety improvements. While the improvements are vast, they suffer from the memory effect or sometimes referred to as the lazy effect. This in short, is when the battery isn’t fully discharged and is then plugged into the main and recharged, the battery would only remember the smaller charge capacity. This is normally irreversible, which in my opinion makes this battery redundant.
  • This finally brings us to the Lithium Ion batteries, commonly referred to as (Lion) this is the technology the battery a1175 uses. These are the batteries that are used in premium laptops. Sometimes the price reflects this, but for good reason. These batteries have the highest energy density of all the batteries discussed. This means they have the ability to store more energy when compared to other batteries in size and weight. They have little to no memory effect, and their ability to maintain charge while not in use, is leagues beyond the other batteries mentioned. These batteries are also lighter and safer in use than NiCD or NiMH batteries, and vastly more environmentally friendly.

I hope you now see why the above discussion of batteries is so important, especially in regards to the a1175 battery you are thinking of purchasing. Time and time again, I hear cries of “my battery doesn’t last” or “this thing constantly needs plugging into the mains”. Consumers are wowed by bullet points of 4 gigs of memory, and massive hard drives and processing power, yet forget one of the most important considerations when purchasing a laptop…battery power! There is no point in having a laptop that can run the most demanding of programs if the battery power is only to last for ten minutes. This leads me nicely onto another point, with regards to purchasing a second battery.

Why Consider Purchasing A Second A1175 Battery?

The whole point in having a laptop is the ability to be mobile and portable. Yes there are those of us who buy a laptop literally out of convenience. I agree, sitting on the sofa or while eating breakfast at the table, is preferable to sitting in your swivel chair at your computer desktop, I do both of those too but my laptop is primarily a work tool. If I’m running Cad or Photoshop, these highly intensive design programs require a lot of power; a secondary battery is much preferred compared to having to find an outlet at work to keep the laptop running!

I also am away from home on work quite frequently, this includes trains and flying as well. This is where a second battery is worth its weight in gold. While the a1175 battery is yet another quality product from apple, there is only so much one battery can do! For me the ability to swap out the existing battery, and have another one to tide me over till I get to my place of residence to recharge is a no brainer. What’s the point in having a laptop if it’s just sitting there, battery dead and unusable. I can’t literally count the amount of times I’ve seen people on train groan or worse, when they realize that that important project they’ve been working on is now lost, due to them coming only equipped with one battery and that battery is now failed.

This I’m afraid brings us to the end of this article, but before I take my leave I’d like to give you a few tips on battery maintenance for your a1175 battery.

  • When using your lithium Ion based battery a1175, it’s important to not leave the battery plugged into the outlet at all times. This is due to the fact it’s preferable to have the electrons in the battery moving now and then, a form of exercise for the electrons if you will. I won’t go into why that’s important just now, as that’s another whole article on its own, but just trust me on this.
  • • Discharge the battery once a month. This is due to calibration, when the battery has only been in use for short periods of time, and then fully charged, the battery can mis-calibrate. Discharging once a month helps to re-calibrate the battery.
  • • When leaving the laptop anywhere, try and be mindful of leaving it in a cool place, not for example in front of a window on a sunny day. Heat is bad for any electrical component. Your battery is no different. Leaving it exposed to high volumes of heat can greatly reduce your a1175 battery shelf life.

I hope you’ve found this article of some use to you in regards to your potential purchase of an apple a1175 battery, and laptop batteries in general. Till the next time.

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